Black Sea II

by Havre de Grace





Recorded live in Western Germany at Loundry

This marks the first meeting of these artists as a trio. All music recorded for The Black Sea was improvised and captured here on 2" reel tape. Vocals are simply mic'd from PA speakers that were in the band's live room. So many hours were recorded that reels had to be reused, as heard in the first song, "Kazma." You can hear part of a practice that was abruptly taped over midway through with a new idea - the finished track merges these distinctly different parts into one song. The intent of this album is to let the listener become a part of the raw, exploratory process Havre de Grace experienced for this album.


Engineer: Ralf J Rock

Mastered by Todd Rittmann


Jörg A Schneider - drums

Przemyslaw K Drazek - guitar

Brent J Fuscaldo - vocals, guitar, bass