by El Is A Sound of Joy





Working in Chicago since 2008, El is a Sound of Joy is a collective of musicians, instrument builders, recording engineers, fieldworkers, and sound designers. Their practice privileges improvisation, interactivity, and ongoing collaboration with dancers and visual artists.  Members include Ben Lamar Gay (AACM, Radio Trio), William Faber (Radio Trio), Rob Frye (Flux Bikes, Bitchin Bajas, Cave) Alex Inglizian (Dhalgren, Radio Trio), and Stephen Ptacek (Sad Brad Smith).

These recordings were all made between 2013 and 2015 at Experimental Sound Studio on the north side of Chicago. Here, after gathering our piles of bells, pieces of scrap metal, flutes, drums, strings, horns, and synths, I recall going down into the studio's basement and marveling at the archives—boxes and boxes of material from the Arkestra’s time in Chicago; all of Malachi Richter’s live recordings of the Chicago experimental music scene. It was not lost on anyone in the band that all of that material was beneath our feet as we recorded.  

You are listening to a system of communication in process.

-Brooks Johnson



Recorded and mixed at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago by Alex Inglizian