The Eventual Warp Cat

by Billington/ Shippy/ Wyche



cassette release date: 2/15/19


Ben Billington (Quicksails, Tiger Hatchery), Mark Shippy (Invisible Things, US Maple) & Daniel Wyche are back! After their maniacal self-titled slaughter of a debut on Astral Spirits, the BSW 3 return but this time it’s dark and stormy. “The Eventual Warp Cat” is a cosmic eulogy, like a captain’s log on a drifting spacecraft. If Part 1 serves as side-long voyage into a blackhole, then Side 2 is from inside the blackhole- a ghost ship ride starting with a buzz, eventually building into a massive supernova filling every millimeter of the stereo field. It’s Billington, Shippy, and Wyche… in Outer Space.

Recorded by Dave Zuchowski

Dec. 2016 at Elastic Arts

Mixed by BBB

Mark Shippy : Guitars

Daniel Wyche : Guitars

Ben Billington : Percussion